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Need a Boost in the Gym, or even a kick with your stamina - then our Bulgarius Tribulus Formulation may be the answer for you! Free Shipping with All Orders...

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A Herb that Increases Stamina & Endurance - Learn How

  • Increases strength & stamina 
  • Boosts performance & in the gym & with weight training 
  • Enhances one's sexual desire and sexual performance 
  • Notably Improves libido and the health of reproductive organs 
  • Can improve mental & emotional wellbeing      

Why Makes our Formulation so special?

Our product only uses Bulgarian tribulus, being much higher in the bio active compound protodioscin. Most retailers use the more readily available but cheaper and less effective tribulus terrestris - only the Bulgarian grown species bestows upon the user stamina boosting and virility enhancing qualities that this product is known for. Verify for yourself the superior qualities of our potent Bulgarian strain by reading the study Ganzera, E. Bedir, I. A. khan, University of Mississippi

The primary bio-active compound within our formulation is the potent Protodioscin saponin -universally recognized to be the MOST potent muscle & stamina enhancing form of ALL of the Protogracillin species.

 Each serving of our potent formulation includes;

  536mg of Bulgarian T. Terrestris ExtractQuality & Potency Gauranteed...

  110mg Siberian Ginseng - Eleutherococcus senticosus

 55% Active Furostanol Saponins (Protodioscine)

 241 mg of active Furostanal Saponins per serving!

 No unnecessary excipients added - guaranteed!

What is Tribulus?

Hard Thorn-like Tribulus Horns...

This potent herb has been used traditionally in in countries such as China & India for its stamina boosting qualities for centuries - if not thousands of years. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris has only recently been investigated by the West since the mid 90's - the reason being that atheletes (primarily powerlifters) were making such amazing advances - & word got out that much of this was attributed to the potent strength enhancing herb Bulgarian T. Terrestris. Science has subsequently dicovered that Steroidal Saponins are the principle active compounds within this herb, with there being two primary compounds.

These two active compounds are spirostanol glycosides and furostanol glycosides, and are thought responsible for this herb's hormone enhancing qualities. These potent glycosides are for the most part found in the leaf.

Scientific studies below;

  Benefits of Bulgarian T. Terrestria L.pdf

  Determination of Steroidal Saponins in T. Terresris_Dr_Khan.pdf

This herb has been used in relative secrecy by European powerlifters & bodybuilders alike for a long time now to increase muscular mass & sporting performance - & now the secret it out!

If you are a male over the age of 35, then chances are you can benefit from our high potency formulation of Bulagarian T. Terrestris & Siberian Ginseng. If your sexual potency is lacking, or you want a Boost in energy levels & muscular mass - then this may be just what you need to get back on track!


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## Let it be known that the effects of this product are not guaranteed & results may vary from person to person ##

"as now I
can become arroused
much more easily, &
also maintain an
errection for longer
periods of time aslo.
I did notice that it
took a good week or
there abouts to
really kick in - but
once it did things
began to happen! I
also have more energy
than I did before -
which is a bonus as
the type of work that
I do usually demands
alot of energy!
Thanks guys!...


"I am a woman who is in
her mid 40's who has
become less & less
interested in sex. Its
not that I do not think
about it - rather that
my body just does not
respond any longer!
Well, since I have
been using your Horny
Goat Weed formulation,
I have been noticing my
old levels of hornyness
begin to creep in -
Hurray!! I will continue
to use the product & keep
you posted..."